Email: info@paintitoff.com

For international customer inquiries, please email info@paintitoff.com


Please send the items listed below to us at info@paintitoff.com. Please register your company with our website for wholesale access. Once you are approved, you may log in view pricing and place orders through the website.

  • a copy of your business license or Federal Tax ID
  • an initial order of at least 100 kits placed through our wholesale portal.

Please review our FAQ. It contains information dealing with everything from shipping costs to setting up your own custom quotes to how to place your first order.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Incomplete orders will delay the processing of those orders. All first orders need to be placed on our online website. We must also have a copy of your business license and tax id to process your order. We cannot process your order if these documents are not submitted first.

 Note: Orders will ship 3-4 days before your event to preserve paint quality. Must be used within 1 week of delivery. 

Wholesale FAQ 

How many kits do I need to order of each design. 

A: We have an MOQ of 10 kits per design

Can I change my order quantity after I have placed my order?

A. NO. Once an invoice has been received and paid for, you will not be able to change the order quantity. Our kits are made to order and changing order quantities effects our production time and causes delays. 

How long does it take to make our kits?

Please see our mandatory lead time for wholesale orders. This does not include design time for custom kits.

 Lead Time:                          Shipping Time                                 # KITS                                                                           

10 business days                        4 days                                     50-100 kits

15-20 business days                    5-10 days                               100+ kits 

For example if you order 100 kits on Aug, 2, 2020, we will begin to process your order and have it ready for shipping on August 14th with an estimated delivery date of August 20th. Please note that holidays will delay shipping times.

Note: Kits will be available to be shipped on the 11th day. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Any changes to your order will cause delays.


*After going inactive for a year, there is a reorder minimum of $1500. Please know that your yearly sales should be $3,000 to keep your account active.*

If you are a retailer who is stocking Paint it Off we happily offer wholesale pricing.