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High Profit Retention

Your group keeps 25% profit for every Paint it Off sale, minus any shipping costs. Unlike some other fundraising companies, Paint it Off drives your success through profitability, so your group can get the job done quickly and efficiently. Earn more, faster than ever before!

Unique Designs

Everyone loves our Paint By Numbers designs! Benefit from Paint It Off’s strong brand awareness, a portfolio of unique designs, and our paint experiences that are suitable for gifting and virtual paint parties, to help maximize your success. Paint it Off is The World’s Best Mobile Paint Party Experience!

Pre-Packaged Kits

Our pre-packaged Paint By Numbers kits differentiate Paint it Off from other Paint and Sip companies and make our products even more appealing to a wider audience. From global leaders, Pop Icons, to notable celebrities, our distinct designs will attract the attention of even the most discerning supporters.

Unique Designs

Paint It OFF provides our unique designs at accessible price points, allowing more people to participate, and making sales easier for your team. Unit pricing under $50 for orders encourages your customers to purchase multiple designs for their paint experiences, so your group can achieve higher earnings per order.


Your team will love the ingenious simplicity of the Paint It Off Fundraising Program – a manageable set 50+ designs and custom options to focus your selling activities; start-to-finish campaign guides and support materials to keep your campaign on track.

Free Shipping

Every fundraising order of $3000 or more earns free shipping (and add hundreds of dollars to your bottom line)! Our team will deliver your order in perfect condition and shipping will not lengthen your delivery schedule.