Choose Your Design

    Pick Your Venue

    Host Your Party

Set a Date

Determine firm start and end dates for your campaign. We suggest that you schedule a total of five weeks: three weeks for selling and two weeks for delivery/distribution. Be sure to discuss with your team any possible campaign schedule conflicts that could sidetrack your fundraising efforts.

Order your Sample Kit

Submit your completed Fundraising Application , and we will ship all the materials you need to launch your campaign. Use your sample kits to take pictures of your team as they Paint It OFF, record a video "Call to Action", create your flyers, and come up with ideas of how to take your fundraiser to the next level with our Paint it Off Experience. 

Get Ready To Sell

Host a Fundraiser Kickoff Meeting to distribute Order Forms, Selling Tips, and Fundraiser Letters to your team. Excitement is highest at the beginning of your campaign, so encourage your group to begin selling immediately! Follow our Host Guide for a step-by-step roadmap to achieving your fundraising goals.

Place your Order

When your campaign sales period is over, collect the Order Forms and money from your sellers. Tally the items sold from the individual Order Forms and submit a single campaign Order Form to Paint It Off along with your order payment. A Paint It Off team member will confirm your order and deliver it you within 2-3 weeks of processing your payment.

Distribution Day

When your Paint It OFF order arrives, gather your team to batch the individual orders. Host a Paint Kit Pick Up Day to distribute the orders to your sellers; encourage them to deliver their orders as soon as possible to make sure the paint maintains its quality. Remember to thank your campaign supporters!

Host a Virtual Paint Party

Now is the perfect time to connect with your supporters! Host a Virtual Paint Party to raise awareness about your cause. To make your party more fun, throw in some trivia, scavenger hunt, karaoke, or giveaways to keep your attendees engaged.

Pick a Venue

Host a paint and sip party at your home or venue of your choice. Need a different scene? Consider hosting at your favorite local restaurant, Airbnb, Beach, Park, charter a boat, or even on a Rooftop. The sky is the limit for where you can host your event. 

Utilize Social Media

Your fundraiser is a time for your supporters to come together. In addition to raising funds, you want to make sure that you find unique ways for your event to live on even after it has ended. There is no better way to do that than to create a dedicated Hashtag and encourage your attendees to post on their accounts and TAG, TAG, TAG!! 

Capture the Moment

Like any event if you don't have it on video...then it didn't happen. Be sure to hire a videographer, photographer, or task one of your supporters to take candid photos of your guests during your event. If you are hosting a virtual party, capture a screenshot of your attendees, and offer a gift for your attendees if they post and use your custom hashtag on social media. 

We never thought we could raise so much money with this fundraiser. The Paint it Off parties allowed us to raise over $4,000 for our Breast Cancer Initiative with our monthly Paint and Sips. 

—Kristen W.